Why we ask for donations?

Laxer OS is a Linux distribution aiming to provide a stable, reliable, and secure operating system to the end-users. We work hard to achieve this by passionately developing and publishing ISOs each month with continuous improvements to the system and adding new features to the next release of laxer os, this is the existing process, we sacrifice our time to develop and publish Laxer OS thus our efforts are supported through donations and sponsors to our project.

Why you should donate?

  • To appreciate work we do.
  • To buy us a cup of coffee.
  • To help us grow and focus on our project.
  • For shipment of equipment to our core team.
  • For Hardware and hosting cost of this project.

How you can support development?

You can become our Patreon by clicking the below button.

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For wire transfer contact

Manzoor Ahmed  on
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Manzoor Ahmed

Manzoor Ahmed

Project Lead Developer

Expert in Html, CSS, java, c++ and GNU/Linux. I work as a developer and, currently building first ever Linux distro from Pakistan.

Laxer OS : Donate
Laxer OS : Donate
Laxer OS : Donate
Laxer OS : Donate
Laxer OS : Donate